Dot-Connection helps companies:

Get content right at the source 
Develop a robust content strategy by considering localization from the start.

Strike a balance between central and local
Ensure your content is both globally consistent and locally relevant.

Make smart decisions about localization
Not all content is created equal. Nor are all markets, so invest wisely.

Build global-ready foundations
Localization and translation have an impact on the designs and templates you create.

Keep your country sites in sync
It’s hard for country sites to meet their goals when they’re a few versions behind the global site.

Enable global and local teams to be successful
It can be lonely out there. Give your country content managers some needed support.

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We’ve worked with Lise Janody and her team on a number of digital governance projects. Dot-Connection has a solid and effective methodology for untangling and effectively re-directing an organization's global content strategy.[fa icon="quote-right"]

Lisa Welchman Digital Governance Expert, Author and Consultant