The quickest way to get better at digital?
Get a handle on your content.

Organizations are expecting a lot from their digital ventures. They’re adding new platforms and channels, consolidating and connecting, redesigning and personalizing. And yet…

Many don’t have the content or content capabilities to support their digital ambitions. The result? Projects that derail, unmet audience needs, duplicate efforts, frustrated teams, and disappointing results.

Dot-Connection can help you get a handle on your content – and put you on the path to digital success.

Dot-Connection helps global organizations

  • Deliver more value

    Align business objectives with audience needs to deliver content that’s useful and user-centric.

  • Gain content efficiencies

    You won’t be able to take advantage of new content opportunities if you don’t have efficient processes in place for content creation and management.

  • Prioritize content efforts

    Not all content is created equal. Use audience research and content analysis to prioritize your efforts and adopt differentiated strategies.

  • Develop and expand digital content skills

    Content comes from everywhere, but not everyone has content skills. Make sure your distributed teams have the resources they need to be effective.

  • Transition central teams from ‘doers’ to ‘enablers’

    There was a time when a central team did it all. Those days are gone, so make sure your central team has the skills they need to make this transition successful.

  • Build global-ready foundations

    It’s easy to plan from an HQ perspective. But you can demultiply your impact by ensuring you get it right not only at home, but across your entire universe.

Our content services

  • Discovery

    Gain deep insights into your content: how it’s managed and produced, how it performs, and how well it meets audience expectations.

    • Inventories and audits

    • Audience research

    • Stakeholder interviews

    • Benchmarks

    • Process and resource analysis

  • Management

    Develop processes to streamline content production, facilitate content access and delivery, and improve content maintenance.

    • Large-scale project scoping

    • Business requirements

    • Maintenance planning

    • Workflow definition

  • Strategy

    Articulate a content vision for your organization, then outline the directions you’ll need to take to make that vision a reality.

    • Content vision and principles

    • Content segmentation

    • Tactical recommendations

    • Content roadmaps

  • Governance

    Clarify roles and responsibilities, resolve who makes decisions about what, and agree on principles that everyone can align on.

    • Content governance frameworks

    • Roles and responsibilities

    • Standards and guidelines

    • Coaching and enablement

Who we work with

Over the last decade, Dot-Connection has worked with both international organizations and global B2B corporations, mostly in the life sciences, technology, and industrial sectors.

We’ve worked on both short assignments designed to put you on the right track, to longer engagements that help you move things forward and get things done.

Finally, content is a mult-headed beast, so we have a solid network of partners with complementary skills that allow us to deliver the best possible service.