Dot-Connection helps customers get a handle on their global content thanks to smart assessments, better planning, and well-communicated strategies. We also support execution through project management and ongoing enablement. Here’s what we offer:

Analysis and assessments

  • Project scoping
  • Business requirements
  • Content and localization benchmarks
  • Content inventories
  • Audits
  • Performance assessments
  • Process analysis
  • Readiness analysis

Content management

  • Country site rollouts
  • Content clean-ups
  • Performance improvement projects
  • Website launches
  • Content migrations
  • Editorial calendar development
  • Editing and copywriting

Coaching and enabling

  • Content planning and prioritizing
  • Brainstorming and feedback
  • Budget planning and allocation
  • Resourcing requirements
  • Scenarios and options
  • Content promotion plans
  • Communities of practice
  • Workshops

Policies, guidelines and strategies

  • Global content governance rules 
  • Content localization strategies
  • Translation policies
  • Global/local architecture
  • Editorial style guides
  • Editorial specifications
  • Content templates

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