You have a wonderful team of designers who continually refine and improve user experience on the website you manage. But in spite of your best efforts, many of your users aren’t converting or completing their tasks.

Why? Because they keep tripping up on content. Maybe it’s unclear, too long, begs new questions, and is hidden or hard to read. Or, perhaps it’s inappropriate, and not properly mapped to user personas.

Now, if your content isn’t working in the source language, it’s not going to work when it’s translated. One of the best ways of ensuring you keep translation costs low is to make sure your source content is effective in the first place.

Some of the common challenges you face:

  • Content comes from all over the organization, with varying degrees of quality and consistency.
  • You don’t have a single point of contact to raise content issues with.
  • You know you have issues with your content, but you don’t have the knowledge or authority to fix them.
  • You don’t have visibility on how localization happens in your company.

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