If you’re in marcom, chances are you’re producing a lot more content than you used to. Not only is there more content, it comes in more formats, for more personas, for more stages in the buying cycle.  It’s not easy to manage, especially if roles aren’t clear and you’re lacking editorial and content strategy skills. 

And if you’re having difficulty handling it all, imagine what it must be like for your country counterparts, most of whom have far fewer resources than your central team.  

You may be asking yourself these questions: 

  • Do you have the right resources and skill sets to deliver on expectations? 
  • Are you producing a lot of content with little impact?
  • Have you structured your content so that it’s easy to reuse and translate?
  • Have you made it possible for countries to translate just parts of a narrative?
  • Which languages should you support, and to what degree? 

These are just some of the issues you’re confronted with. Need help getting a handle on it all?  Give us call, we’d love to help.