Congratulations! You’ve won the RFP and you’re now building a brand new global website for your client. It’s easy – and unfortunately, common practice – to focus mostly on the corporate site, or whichever site will serve as the blueprint for all the others.

Yet how your client approaches localization impacts two key things: 1) how you design the site from the start, and 2) how you manage the roll-out process.

You need to look at things like: 

  • Will your client have one site, translated, or many sites, adapted for their markets?
  • Will all country sites look the same, or do you need flexible templates to account for different tiers of markets, varying degrees of localization, and big differences in volumes of available translated content? 
  • Who will validate and review localized content? How long is this likely to take? 
  • What kind of translation management tools does your client have, if any? 

If you don’t address these issues carefully enough early on in the planning stages, you risk having long project overruns, and your client may inherit a lot of sites they’ll have difficulty maintaining.

We can help you in two key ways:

  • help you clarify the website and content strategy upfront – including localization;
  • and provide editorial project management services during roll-out.

Think you could use our help? Feel free to contact us, and we can discuss.