There are a lot of people interested and working with content – and that’s exactly how it should be.  We help different people address different issues they might have with their content.  

Digital/web operations directors

Whatever your title – digital strategy, web operations, digital communications – it’s your job to enable the entire business to communicate effectively on your primary digital channel: your website(s).  We know that’s not always easy.  Dot-Connection can help you address the real issues.

Marketing and communications managers

If you’re in marketing and communications, chances are you’re producing a lot more content than you used to, making it harder to manage. And if you’re having difficulty handling it all, imagine what it must be like for your country counterparts.  We can help you get a handle on all your content. 

UX specialists

You have a wonderful team of designers who continually refine and improve user experience on the website you manage. But in spite of your best efforts, many of your users aren’t converting or completing their tasks. Why? Because they keep tripping up on content.  We can help you diagnose the pain points, and recommend improvements. 

Digital agencies

You’re building a brand new global website for your client. It’s easy to focus mostly on the corporate site, or whichever site will serve as the blueprint for all others.  Yet how your client approaches localization impacts two key things: 1) how you need to design the site from the start, and 2) how you need to manage the roll-out process.  We can help on both counts.