Dot-Connection is a Paris-based agency devoted to helping companies get content right for all their audiences, around the world.  And yes, we focus on digital content, because today, that’s pretty much all there is – even if it’s a 25-page white paper. 

Dot-Connection works with people who are hybrids capable of connecting the dots from across disciplines. The agency brings in individuals with complementary backgrounds who sit at the intersection of content strategy, website management, editorial, and localization. 

Meet the founder: 

Lise Bissonnette Janody

Chief Content Consultant

Lise is Dot-Connection’s founder as well as its chief content consultant.  She’s spent pretty much her entire career working in content, in some form or another.  After a decade as a freelance writer for multinational corporations, Lise joined Alcatel-Lucent as a web content manager responsible for the company’s product and solutions.  Ten years and a few digital management jobs later, she came away with a conviction:  that content was at the heart of any web endeavour—indeed, its point of entry.  She created Dot-Connection with this in mind, and now helps companies better plan, develop, manage and distribute their content, around the world.

Lise also shares her knowledge on global content strategy at conferences around the world, and occasionally organizes events on the subject locally in Paris.