Dot-Connection helps companies:

Deliver more value 
Align business objectives with audience needs to deliver content that’s useful and user-centric.

Gain content efficiencies
You won’t be able to take advantage of new content opportunities if you don’t have efficient processes in place for content creation and management.

Prioritize content efforts
Not all content is created equal. Use audience research and content analysis to prioritize your efforts and adopt differentiated strategies.

Develop and expand digital content skills
Content comes from everywhere, but not everyone has content skills. Make sure your distributed teams have the resources they need to be effective.

Transition central teams from 'doers' to 'enablers'
There was a time when a central digital content team (or a marcom team) did it all. Those days are gone, so make sure your central team has the skills they need to make this transition successful.

Build global-ready foundations
It’s easy to plan from an HQ perspective. But you can demultiply your impact by ensuring you get it right not only at home, but across your entire universe.


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We’ve worked with Lise Janody on a number of digital governance projects. Dot-Connection has a solid and effective methodology for untangling and effectively re-directing an organization's global content strategy.[fa icon="quote-right"]

Lisa Welchman Digital Governance Expert, Author and Consultant