Get a big picture of your global content

How are your country sites performing?  Are they driving traffic and leads? Or are they just taking up space on your servers and not generating much business benefit?

Audit: get a big picture of your global content | Dot-Connection

It takes a lot of effort to effectively manage a multinational web presence.  You need to ensure those efforts deliver results. To do so, it always helps to assess what you have in order to determine how to move forward.

An audit includes evaluating content on the sites, reviewing analytics, and interviewing country stakeholders about their ambitions and processes. Among the things we look at are:

  • What are the major differences between sites?
  • What do the sites have in common?
  • What sections and content types are translated? What is localized?
  • How well are the countries using their website as a destination for their marketing efforts?
  • How long does it take to get translated content reviewed and published?
  • How much local content is being developed?
  • What do stakeholders identify as their major pain points? 
  • Are there patterns among the sites that perform well – and among those that don’t?

 A web content localization audit can help you reallocate resources and funding; identify technology and process gaps; and allow you to put in place appropriate action plans.

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